Weightless Playlist

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Young Blood


Chapter 1

Scene: For some reason, buzzed eyes were easier for me to stand than sober ones.


Never Let Me Go

Florence + The Machine

Chapter 3

Scene: Just hearing the soft, familiar sound let my breaths come easier than before.


Leave A Trace


Chapter 4

Scene: I would prove him wrong.



Melanie Martinez

Chapter 6

Scene: “Not about a guy, huh?”


What a Good Woman Does

Joy Williams

Chapter 7

Scene: He wasn’t my Mason, anymore.


Speed Limit

Boyce Avenue

Chapter 8

Scene: He chuckled, and it revealed a smile I hadn’t seen on his face before. It was mischievous, curious, and sexy as hell.


Please Don’t Judge Me

Chris Brown

Chapter 10

Scene: “Don’t talk to me about fair,”



Beneath Your Beautiful


Chapter 11

Scene:  “Show me.”


Like Real People Do


Chapter 12

Scene: “There’s nothing beautiful about me.”


If You Were A Stone

Ron Pope

Chapter 13

Scene: “And I’m sorry. Because you didn’t deserve it.”


This Love

Taylor Swift

Chapter 15

Scene: “But you fixed me!”




Chapter 17

Scene: “Let them stare.”


Skinny Love


Chapter 15

Scene: Sleep didn’t come that night.



Chase Rice

Chapter 16

Scene: “Are you nervous, Bug?”




Chapter 20

Scene: “What made you change your mind?”


I Can’t Make You Love Me/Nick of Time

Bon Iver

Chapter 21

Scene: “So let me inspire you.”



X Ambassadors

Chapter 22

Scene: He held me tight, gently took the keys from my hand, locked the Rover, and carried me inside.


Hanging On

Ellie Goulding

Chapter 25

Scene: “What about me?”



Of Monsters and Men

Chapter 26

Scene: Still, I felt him all around me.


Almost Home

Alex & Sierra


Scene: I didn’t have to fight hard to believe him anymore.

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