Weightless Discussion Questions

First let me say, if you and your book club have selected Weightless as your monthly read, I am truly honored! I wish I could attend every single book club to chat one-on-one with you about your thoughts on this story. However, since that’s not the case, the least I can do is help you guide your discussion.

Below are several example discussion questions you can use for your book club. Please don’t hesitate to email me at authorkandisteiner@yahoo.com with any questions from your group. I’ll do my best to answer in a timely manner!

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Weightless Discussion Questions:


What did you think about the setting of the story? How did it enhance your reading? Could you see yourself in Poxton Beach, summertime?

What themes did you feel most throughout Weightless? What do you think the author was trying to get across to the reader?

Did you like Natalie? Did she seem believable? To what extent can you relate to her? What about Rhodes?

How was your experience while reading Weightless? Were you immediately drawn in, did it take time? How were you feeling as you read?

What events do you think triggered changes in each character, and what growth path did you see in them? Have you had moments like these in your own life?

Did any part of the book make you feel uncomfortable? Why? Did it help you expand your thoughts about a particular subject?

Why do you think Natalie gives in to her mom’s suggestion to get a trainer? What pushes her to this point, and can you identify with her decision?

Did you like only having Natalie’s point of view, or did you wish you had Rhodes’, too? Why?

What did you think of the role photography played in this book? How does photography play into your own life?

Overall, did you enjoy the book? If you’ve read other works by this author, how did this book compare?

If you could insert yourself into the story, what role do you think you’d play? Can be an existing character or a new one.

For Natalie and Rhodes, getting out of Poxton Beach for a while and visiting the tree houses on Edisto river allowed them to breathe easier in a time of intense stress. How did you feel during their trip? What was your favorite part of it? And have you ever experienced clarity or freedom while traveling? Explain.

Who was your favorite character and why? Similarly, who was your least favorite character and why?

How did you feel about Rhodes and Natalie’s “touch” (the fingers on wrist)? How did this affect each character and their story as a whole?

What were some of your favorite passages/highlights/scenes and why?

What were some defining moments for each character, and how do you think they affected the story?

Natalie calls Rhodes out for being “like a car crash” she has to live over and over. Did his swings in attitude toward Natalie frustrate you or did you understand them? Maybe both? Explain.

What were some of the OMG moments for you in Weightless? Did you see the “plot twist” coming?

What do you think motivates each character? Do you agree with those motivations? Why/why not?

Were you surprised by the ending? Why or why not? If you could re-write the ending, would you? And if so, what would you change and why?

Who was your favorite supporting character and why?

For the romance fans: when was the first moment you started falling for Rhodes, or are you still not a fan of him? Explain.

Do you think this book is plot-driven or character-driven? Meaning, did the plot unfold quickly, like a page-turner, or was more time spent on developing characters and relationships?

There were three moments of clarity for the reader: the moment when the title makes sense, the moment when the cover makes sense, and the moment when the prologue makes sense. How did you feel during each of these times?

When the epilogue ended, how did you feel about the characters and their journey? Where did you see growth and where do you still think growth needs to occur?

Did this novel change you (broaden your perspective, give you insight, etc)? How so?

If you could ask the author one question about Weightless, what would it be?

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