Weightless Playlist

Spotify Link: https://open.spotify.com/user/1265039739/playlist/5QhEPQihVWVb0JzCxfCQFo   Young Blood Birdy Chapter 1 Scene: For some reason, buzzed eyes were easier for me to stand than sober ones.   Never Let Me Go Florence + The Machine Chapter 3 Scene: Just hearing the soft, familiar sound let my breaths come easier than before.   Leave A Trace Chvrches Chapter 4 Scene: I would prove him wrong.   Carousel Melanie Martinez Chapter 6 Scene: “Not about a guy, huh?”   What a Good Woman Does Joy Williams Chapter 7 Scene: He wasn’t my Mason, anymore.   Speed Limit Boyce Avenue Chapter 8 Scene: He chuckled, and […]

Tag Chaser Playlist

DIE YOUNG Ke$ha Chapter 1 – The Bet Scene: “Race you to the rum!” SURE BE COOL IF YOU DID Blake Shelton Chapter 2 – Dreamboat Scene: He’s Southern, too? Dear God, help me. BODY PARTY Ciara Chapter 2 – Dreamboat Scene: Dear God, yes. YES. YES. YES. TREACHEROUS Taylor Swift Chapter 3 – New Client Scene: It can’t be that hard to resist him for one dinner, can it? LET ME DOWN EASY Billy Currington Chapter 4 – Dinner For Two Scene: This is going to be so much harder than I thought. HOME Goo Goo Dolls Chapter 5 […]

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