LISTEN NOW: Kandi Steiner on the Perfcked Podcast

I was so honored to be asked to speak with Lauren on her fabulous Perfcked podcast. We had a wonderful conversation about writing and what it takes to achieve your goals.

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Today we are joined by the baddest babe I know, Kandi Steiner. Kandi is a bestselling, self-published angsty romance author. She’s just published her 18th book! The career she has built for herself and the community she has cultivated around it is nothing short of amazing. Kandi is 1,000% herself and gets real with us about following her dreams, trusting her intuition and finding her voice. If you’ve ever wanted to pursue your passion and didn’t feel confident enough to take that leap of faith, this conversation with Kandi will give you the loving shove you’ve been waiting for. She also is offering a sweet little giveaway at the end of the episode, so stay tuned for that!

Hear what Kandi had to say about…
– Saying YES to your passions
– Doing the work until the thing gets done
– Finding your own place and maximizing your presence
– Sharing authentically, knowing your tribe is listening and needs your voice
– Honoring your past self and thanking her for getting you here now
– Having a love-hate relationship with social media
– Taking the time to look back on the long road you’ve walked to get to where you are
– Appreciating your hard work, celebrating your wins and having the confidence to know you deserve it

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