27 Experiences You’ve Inevitably Had As A Faithful Romance Reader

Ah, romance fans. We are a special kind of breed, aren’t we? We live for the heartache, the angst, and the smut (ESPECIALLY the smut). Here are 27 experiences you’ve inevitably had if you’re a romance genre fan.

1. You have 87 books sitting on your E-Reader, but you one-click anyway because you can’t resist a bad boy with tattoos.











2. When the two main characters fight the tension between them and your lady parts are freaking out:












3. Your friends when they see you re-reading 50 Shades of Grey:












4. You’ve accidentally said your book boyfriend’s name while sleeping and/or … um… “baking”.










5. Book hangovers are a real problem.











6. There’s at least one book that you’ll fight to the death trying to get your other smut lovers to read.











7. The name “Travis Maddox” makes you do something like this:









8. Love triangles.











9. When sex finally happens:








10. When they were casting for the 50 Shades movie:











11. Your husband/boyfriend questions where you learned certain “moves” and you can reference the book and page number.












12. Even though the angst kills you, it’s secretly your favorite part of the book.












13. The look you give your husband/boyfriend after reading something your current book boyfriend did to win the girl that was so incredibly sweet your heart melted:









14. You kind of consider yourself a connoisseur of men, since you’ve experienced everything from an alpha male to a band geek.

big deal










15. You hear songs on the radio that remind you of a fictional couple.








16. When your favorite author posts a giveaway:












17. Your Goodreads “to-read” shelf has at least twenty covers with a set of insanely cut abs as the main focus.












18. When someone says romance is a stupid genre:







19. You’ve begged and or/threatened an author for a sequel because you have to know what happens after the HEA.










20. Insta-Love:










21. You have developed girl crushes on at least one heroine.










22. On the same note, you’ve stopped reading midway due to an annoying heroine.

eye roll










23. You can list your top 10 book boyfriends on command.












24. When you find those Indie diamonds in the rough, you claim dibs on being the first to have the main guy as a book boyfriend. And you remind others as needed.










25. You’ve tried to recreate dates from your favorite books and didn’t understand why your husband/boyfriend missed the cues to quote your book boyfriend.










26. Fantasies about being thrown against a wall are a real problem.









27. And, possibly the worst experience – the moment you remember your book boyfriend isn’t real:











Can you add anything to the list? Comment below with your experience that only romance readers can relate to.


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