19 Feels All Romance Authors Can Relate To

  1. When someone asks what you do for a living.
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  2. How you feel about Goodreads reviews.
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  3. When you write a badass schmexy scene.
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  4. Editing.
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  5. Getting slammed for insta-love.
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  6. The constant battle of one day being like…
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    and the next is all…
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  7. Trying to figure out different ways to say dick.
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  8. Building angst.
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  9. Two-star reviews that don’t tell you what they didn’t like.
    Ew! People suck photo EwPeopleSuck.gif
  10. Everyone thinks you live in this kind of world…
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    but really it’s more like…
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  11. What you want readers to do when they meet your Hero.
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  12. The thought of not writing an HEA makes you feel something like this.
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  13. When you run your characters’ hearts through the blender.
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  14. When a reader says your character is their number 1 book boyfriend.
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  15. Writer’s block in the last three chapters.
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  16. The three stages of drinking:
    First, while writing…
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    Then, after you send out ARCs to blogs…
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    And finally, on release day…
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  17. When other genre authors say all you do is write smut.
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  18. Sometimes you feel a little lost in the writing world.
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  19. But in the end, you’re a hopeless romantic and you know you’ll write this way forever.

    Thank God for that.

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