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Okay, now that that’s over with, here are some fun facts about me. If there’s anything I missed that you’re dying to know, just shoot me a message! “I’m an open book,” as the old cliche claims. 🙂

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Age: 24

Location: Tampa, FL

Writing Genre: New Adult Romance


Tell us a little bit about your book(s) and yourself.

I debuted my first novel in October of 2013 – Tag Chaser. Tag Chaser is a New Adult Romance about Paisley Bronson, a young woman scarred by her past and fighting to fend off commitment and trust of any kind. She finds romantic relief in dating military men because it suits her wants and needs – AKA she can hang out with them for a few weeks, have some fun, and then they leave and she’s off the hook. No commitment, no true trust, no option of getting hurt.

Well, one night her best friend calls her out on the bullshit and challenges her to a bet – one full year without dating a military man. She accepts, the competitive nature in her taking control, and so the fun begins. That very night, Paisley meets a drop dead gorgeous, melt-in-your-mouth-and-not-in-your-hand dreamboat – Corbin Ray. He’s in town on business, so Paisley is practically thanking God for her luck. I mean seriously – a business man who will be gone in a couple of weeks? Perfect! But, a shocking discovery back at his hotel reveals that he’s in the Army. So, Paisley leaves (causing quite the set of blue balls for Corbin, might I add) and resolves to move on and not think about him.

Easier said than done, right? Especially when Paisley shows up for work the next day and, wouldn’t you know it, she’s got a new client – and his name is Corbin Ray. What happens next, I cannot say – after all, I want you to read the book. 😉 But I can tell you that a story full of passion, discovery, heart break and love ensues. Sprinkled in are some funny moments, too – because I have a really hard time being serious. 🙂

As for me, I’m a simple gal. I like all the finer things in life – like cowboy boots, cats, craft beer and Zumba. I work full time as a Social Media Specialist in the corporate world, but one day I hope to write full time. I majored in both Advertising/Public Relations and Creative Writing in college because I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be a real “professional” or if I wanted to follow my dream of writing. Right now, I’m trying to balance the two. Also, I went to college at the University of Central Florida (GO KNIGHTS!).  I really am an open book – so ask me if there’s something you want to know. 🙂

When was your first book published?

October 13, 2013. It was my 24th birthday.

Why did you decide to become an Indie Author?

That’s a great question. Honestly? I love doing things myself. I know that sounds so stupid because if I would have written in to a publishing company, there’s a possibility I could have been published and better known. But, I really do enjoy challenging myself, and holy crap was self-publishing a challenge. I just think sometimes we write stories that don’t fit traditional molds, but are still great stories. That’s probably where I fit in (I’m weird and don’t like to follow rules), so I decided to just do it myself. Loving the journey so far!

Are you currently working on anything?

I am actually working on a sequel-ish type book to Tag Chaser that’s about the best friend, Tanner. He kind of got his heart broken in Tag Chaser, but everyone fell in love with him and wanted to know what happened. Well, I’m obliged to tell them. I have to say I’m smack in the middle of writing Song Chaser (Tanner’s book) and it’s so fun. I LOVE Tanner – he’s an ass sometimes, but I love him.

Who and what inspired you to write?

My mom, definitely. She’s actually very into reading like I am and is a great writer herself. I hope to one day convince her to write a novel, too. She inspired me when I was very young and encouraged me to pursue my love of writing, no matter what. Everything I’ve written from awful love poems in high school (yuck!) to decent pieces in college, she has always been there for me.

Each author has his or her own inspiring journey. How did you begin writing?

I started writing way back in 4th grade. Back then it was mostly poems and short stories. In middle school, I made my own newspaper and distributed it to my friends. It was a big hit and everyone looked forward to Wednesdays (the days I handed them out). Of course it wasn’t really much news, more like stories on random people in the school and on the kids in our class. But, it was fun and everyone loved reading it. I had games in the back and giveaways, too. Well, eventually I was busted and told I wasn’t allowed to do it anymore – but, my principal was impressed and had me writing features for the high school newspaper. So that was fun. 🙂

College is where I really dived into my writing. High school I was on the editor for the yearbook and took some creative writing courses, but college really opened up the doors to expand my writing and see how far I could push myself. It was then that I knew I wanted to write. I wanted others to read my work the way my professors did and say the things they said to me. But most of all, I wanted to share the stories in my head with the world. I still stand today saying that I really could care less if I make a single dime off my work as long as people love to read it and share it with others.

While I was at UCF, I was insanely busy – working 3 jobs to pay for college along with being involved in literally everything I could be. So I really didn’t get started writing seriously until I graduated. I made writing and publishing Tag Chaser my New Year’s Resolution in 2013 and made it happen. I’m so happy I did, because now I feel like I’m in full flight. 🙂

What is on your writing playlist for your book(s)?

Oh my gosh, don’t laugh – but I seriously listen to the strangest array of music. I’m OBSESSED with John Mayerand Taylor Swift. I also have a thing for old 80′s music, 70′s rock and roll, 90′s hip hop and R&B, and pretty much anything country. I’m also a huge sucker for covers and slow acoustic songs. So, pretty much however I feel when I’m writing that particular scene. 🙂

Who is your favorite character in your books?

AHHH that’s like asking someone to pick their favorite child! I would have to say they are all my favorites, but right now I’m feeling extra love for Tanner because I’m writing his story and really discovering who he is. By the way, he’s super stubborn – I thought I knew what story to write for him, but once he got on the pages he just started running around doing whatever he wanted. Damn him. 🙂

What is your favorite book of all time?

I hate this question because, again, I am horrible at choosing a favorite anything. But, I have to stick with the classics and say The Catcher in the Rye.

Tell us in one sentence why we should read your books.

You should read my books because everyone deserves to read something different, funny, and passionate.


We all have Tanner and Corbin as book boyfriends, and obviously they’re yours as well, but who outside of them is your ultimate book boyfriend?

I don’t think anyone will ever quite steal my heart the way that Edward Cullen did. Yes, you read that right – I’m a Twilight girl. <3

Where does your drive come from? Family, friends, yourself?

I think my drive for writing comes from my readers more than anyone. Yes, I am definitely driven by my personal goals and my family and friends, but it’s my readers who make me want to write. I live for the messages and posts from readers who love my work and want more. When I am in a rut, a writing block, or just can’t find the time to write – I always think of them and remind myself why I do this. I love writing because I love reading, and I write for those who read.

What’s your favorite scene from Tag Chaser and why?

I seriously loved writing Tag Chaser so much. I think my favorite scene was Corbin and Paisley’s trip to Key West, specifically their “perfect day”. It was so fun to write and this was like the “hearts and flowers” part of the book – when everything was perfect. I have to say that the kitchen scene is a close second lol. 😉

What was the biggest obstacle writing Tag Chaser?

I struggled with two things mostly – time and formatting. Time was probably the biggest obstacle because it was incredibly difficult for me to determine how to balance my writing life with my work/social/family life. It wasn’t like writing was my job nor is it today, so I had to figure out how to make everything fit. Formatting was my other headache. Once I had Tag Chaser all finished, I had to format it for every channel it was going to be available on. It’s tough! Also, I struggle with writing blocks just like every other author. Those are always a bitch lol.

Who makes your covers?

Me! 😀 I have an awesome photographer that I use, her name is Austyn Bynon. She did my wedding photos and she’s been a great friend for many years now. Once I have her edited photos, I design the covers. I’m actually doing a cover reveal for Song Chaser on February 21st over at Schmexy Girl Book Blog. Can’t wait!

Okay, I think that about wraps up all the questions. Thanks for letting me bore you to death. 🙂 Don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY on my Facebook page and I’ll see y’all in August!



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