Black Number Four Playlist!

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Hannah Trigwell & Nick Howard

Chapter 1: Ante Up

Scene: “Latching onto the transfer already?”


Hell Yeah

Midnight Red

Chapter 1: Ante Up

Scene:  “What do you say we make this party a little more interesting?”


Blank Space

Tyler Ward

Chapter 2: Lady Luck

Scene: “Passion can be a dangerous thing.”


Take U There

Jack U ft. Kiesza

Chapter 3: Ace

Scene: Ralph’s is packed when we arrive, which isn’t out of the ordinary for a Friday night.


Slow to Learn

Manchester Orchestra

Chapter 4: Deuces

Scene: I’ve been too damn distracted by how sexy she is when she’s schooling these tools.



Fifth Harmony

Chapter 5: Hot Table

Scene: There’s also the fact that I like being around him. I like it way more than I care to admit and that’s not good.



Jayme Dee

Chapter 5: Hot Table

Scene: He smiles and licks his lips, his eyes smoldering, which causes practically the entire chapter room to swoon.



Calvin Harris

Chapter 6: Nicely Played

Scene: But then I remember that I will hurt her, whether I want to or not. It will happen. It’s inevitable.



Becky G

Chapter 7: Two Can Play That Game

Scene: “How is it that you infuriate me yet turn me on at the same time?”


What Makes You Beautiful

Boyce Avenue

Chapter 8: Power Moves

Scene: “Hold me so I won’t float away?”



Colbie Caillat

Chapter 9: Poker Face

Scene: “We’re just trying to help,” Ashlei says.


Life of the Party

Shawn Mendes

Chapter 10: Weakness

Scene: “I don’t care about what people think, Skyler. I know you do, but I don’t.


Break Free

Ariana Grande

Chapter 11: Angle Shooter

Scene: There isn’t another option in this game, no matter how badly I wish there was.


Lay Me Down (acoustic)

Sam Smith

Chapter 12: Blank

Scene: How was I supposed to know the kind of drug I was getting into?


Bumper Cars

Alex & Sierra

Chapter 13: Bluffing

Scene: I hate this. I hate this so, so much.


Here We Go Again

Mat Kearney

Chapter 14: Tilt

Scene: “You’re coming home with me tonight.”




Chapter 15: No Limit

Scene: I have no idea what I’m doing.


Same Sea


Chapter 16: Black Number Four

Scene: “I never thought studying could be so sexy,”



Miley Cyrus

Chapter 16: Black Number Four

Scene: “You’re killing me, Sky,”


She Looks So Perfect

5 Seconds of Summer

Chapter 16: Black Number Four



Give Me Something

Alex & Siera

Chapter 16: Black Number Four

Scene: “Yeah, good luck with that game.



Cash Cash

Chapter 17: Bad Beat

Scene: And the rest of the world can just deal with it.



Jessie J

Chapter 17: Bad Beat

Scene: “And what would make it perfect-perfect


Blame It On Me


Chapter 17: Bad Beat

Scene: I can’t lose him.


Tenerife Sea

Ed Sheeran

Chapter 18: Rush

Scene: When we’re alone, that same electricity buzzes to life. The air feels tight, hot, charged.


All About You

Hilary Duff

Chapter 19: Game Changer

Scene: It’s crazy that a simple text can make my stomach flip like this, but it’s exactly what I needed.


Breathe Again

Sarah Bareilles

Chapter 19: Game Changer

Scene: I want him to fix it. To fix me.


It’s Not Over

Secondhand Serenade

Chapter 20: Downswing

Scene: “You don’t want to kiss me.” “Yes I do.”


Growing Up

Alex G

Chapter 21: Tell

Scene: As if I’m a glutton for punishment, I pull his oversized black t-shirt from my bag and slip it over my head, taking everything else off.



Glee Cast

Chapter 22: Freezeout

Scene: For a moment she just stares at me, and I just stare at her. We don’t wave or nod or even really acknowledge that we’re both looking. We just look.


The Sun is Rising

Britt Nicole

Chapter 23: Game Over

Scene: And somewhere in those ocean blue eyes of his, I find what I’ve been searching for.


Stay With Me


Chapter 23: Game Over

Scene: Love doesn’t care about the games we play.


Real Love

Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne

Chapter 24: Break Even

Scene: “I’m done leaving my life to chance. Black number four can suck it.”


Don’t Go Home Without Me


Epilogue: Heart

Scene: “I could get used to kisses like this.”



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